It’s amazing how God works sometimes. I was joking with my husband a couple of days ago and told him how I thought God had a really interesting sense of humor. Let me explain.

This year has been full of changes, but in the month of August we’ve gone though some major ones:

  • My husband has been in the process of obtaining his ministry license for the past year, and on August 10th, he passed his interview to become a licensed ministry worker with the CMA (Christian Missionary Alliance church denomination). That’s one step closer to becoming a pastor!
  • I resigned from my position at church as the Early Childhood Coordinator. Part of the process of Brian becoming a minister is attending a CMA church together. We had to move from our home church of the last 10 years (CF CityPlace) in order for this to happen, thus me stepping away from ministry. It was a difficult decision, I loved the volunteers, kids and their families, but I knew this is what God wanted us to do.
  • Brian resigned from his position as the Mentoring Program Coordinator, a program that he started from the ground up in the inner city of West Palm Beach. The program is run by Bow Down Ministries, and because of the move to a CMA church he had to step down.
  • A new school year started, meaning that as a 5th grade teacher Brain had to get everything in order. We needed to get Brian’s classroom ready! God bless Pinterest! (will be posting a blog on his room decoration soon!)
  • And the most important thing was that we completed our adoption home study! We were able to start looking at children!

We were so excited about the last change, but with everything else that happened in August we were taking this new change slowly. We had decided to start slowly by just looking at children and praying for God to guide us in the process. We had been told by our wonderful Case Manager that it could take a year or more in order for us to be able to find a child.

Well, remember when I said that God has a really strange sense of humor? This is why.


A week after completing our home study we received an email asking if we would consider submitting our file for adoption consideration of a little 5 year old boy. We prayed, read the information and decided to step out on faith and say yes. Three days later we were asked if we would be open to receiving the little boy in our house sooner rather than later, we said yes once again. Two days after that we received our little boy in our home!!!! He’s a 5 year old fountain of energy, smiles and fun. We couldn’t be happier and more tired at the same time, LOL!

God has blessed us in a way that words can’t describe. Our hearts are full of joy, love and gratitude. Our little family is complete!

We are now entering uncharted territory. Not only in the legal realm of waiting periods and paperwork and visits from social workers, but in the parenting world as well. We are learning all about bedtimes, school, books, games, toys, clothes and everything else a 5 year old might need. Due to legal and privacy issues posting pictures of our little one is not allowed until everything is final.

I’ve been feeling like those ladies in the TV show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” Out of nowhere there’s this little person that just showed up and that needs all our attention. Completely overwhelmed and happy at the same time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you to all of those family and friends who have prayed for us, and have been of encouragement during this time. We love you all. If you would please still keep us in your prayers, we would really appreciate it. We need God’s guidance in this process. The adoption is not final yet, we have to wait for 30 days for some legal processes to complete and then another wait of 60 days before we can finalize the adoption.

Much love,

Karla & Brian

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